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Silver Surfers as a part of the CAS programme is our ongoing endeavour to bring technology to senior citizens by enabling them on consumer technology and internet basics. We at TSRS believe this access will not only support the older generation in their day to day life but also open new possibilities for them.

Silver Surfer is a student driven programme, which means a team of student from IB1, planned, structured, and executed it. This programme was conducted over the course of three Saturdays with a 2 hours session each time. As a part of the program the students of IB1 taught our beloved grandparents basic computer and smart phone uses such drafting emails and attaching files, online banking, booking movie tickets with the help of the apps like Bookmyshow and searching videos on the Youtube, online shopping of groceries and household items, and in general addressing queries related to WhatsApp, Google Maps, Uber and Microsoft Office. It was a great moment of pride and celebration for the students every time any of the participants felt empowered with their newly acquired skills.


“… I also decided to make a document consisting of all the steps for the various topics which were taught. In order to ensure that they can easily access the internet when required. At the end of the sessions, we danced to old songs such as ‘Mere Sapno Ki Rani’. The end was very special where all the grandparents decided to share incidents from their lives, which was interesting learning for us. Inspirational stories such as putting the nation before family, or the importance of respecting women and the sacrifices they make for the family created learning both ways.”

Riya Katariya, IB1B

“… I have learnt so much because I always used to take technology for granted and used to think that it’s intuitive enough for everyone to learn it fairly easily, but it was quite a task to make sure every grandparent learnt what they wanted to. There were three sessions conducted in total, after the first session I asked the grandparents to write down their doubts in a notebook so that the other volunteers and I could help them to the best of our capabilities…”

Aryan Malhotra, IB1C

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